Virtual Store Spotlight: Virtual Disney 100 x Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Wonderland

Introducing the latest milestone in our longstanding partnership with Charlotte Tilbury—the Virtual Disney 100 x Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Wonderland. This collaboration is a captivating immersive beauty shopping experience honoring Disney’s 100th anniversary and their limited edition co-branded collection with Charlotte Tilbury. The experience features 3D Branded Avatars that shoppers can customize with makeup looks inspired by 10 beloved Disney characters.

The heart of the immersive experience is Obsess’ proprietary Branded Avatars technology, which was introduced in collaboration with Charlotte Tilbury last year. Branded Avatars revolutionize the way customers connect with brands, allowing them to curate their avatar’s physical traits and style, providing a uniquely personalized shopping experience. This technology has been further refined and expanded to provide users with a heightened level of personalization and lifelike movement. The avatar customizer now features a new editing panel that allows users to see how their customized looks appear in the world they are immersed in, creating a seamlessly gamified shopping experience.

Visitors can immerse themselves in an enchanting realm where they can explore and virtually try on limited-edition Charlotte Tilbury products inspired by the magical world of Disney, such as the Limited Edition Disney 100 Light Wand highlighter. Consumers can also customize their Branded Avatars to wear the character-inspired makeup products—transforming themselves into the Disney characters they love. Consumers who are looking to find which makeup looks best fits them can look no further than the look-matching quiz that provides personalized product assortment recommendations inspired by iconic Disney characters.

The experience extends beyond shopping, incorporating elements of gamification that engage and captivate visitors. Using their customized avatars, consumers can play the one-of-a-kind virtual garden maze racing game, challenging their skills and speed as they navigate through the maze to reach the center. The reward for success? The chance to win the complete Disney 100 x Charlotte Tilbury limited edition product collection, allowing consumers to dive deeper into the world of Disney and Charlotte Tilbury Beauty.

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Virtual Store Spotlight: Neostrata Metaverse Experience

Neostrata, a leading skincare brand part of the Kenvue portfolio of brands from Johnson & Johnson, launched their virtual experience to introduce new consumers to the brand in a way that stands out in a hypercompetitive market. The experience takes users on a journey through the science of skincare, empowering shoppers through education.

The play-centric, multi-floored experience is immersive and engaging, bolstering storytelling through contextual environments and interactive content. On the top floor, a virtual skincare avatar concierge  welcomes shoppers to learn how different environments affect their skin. Users can virtually enter different Environment layers to learn how they can protect themselves against elements such as air pollution and the sun. They can then test their newfound knowledge and unlock special offers such as discount codes and free products with purchase. 

Users can also go to the tranquil, spa-like Lifestyle layer to learn how different lifestyle choices affect their skin. Similar to the Environment layer of the experience, if visitors answer a series of questions correctly, they can earn free items or discounts on their next purchase. On another floor in the experience, consumers can explore the different ingredients in Neostrata products—from retinoids to Vitamin C, users can learn how popular skincare ingredients will impact their skin concerns. 

The experience is also personalized; visitors in the virtual experience can take a custom quiz to address their skin concerns and goals, and receive product recommendations tailored to their individual needs. Users can access the quiz in the gift shop, where another avatar guides users through the shop. 

Neostrata’s interactive, never-before-seen virtual experience empowers their consumers with increased education and personalized product recommendations. Download the Neostrata case study to discover how Neostrata’s Obsess-powered metaverse experience positioned the brand as a disruptor in the skincare industry. 

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Virtual Store Spotlight: Alo Yoga Immersive Store

Alo Yoga, the popular activewear brand, has launched an immersive virtual store that allows users to shop its latest collection in a 3D environment. Available on desktop, mobile and the Oculus Meta Quest 2 VR headset, the experience feels similar to shopping in real life.

Shop the brand’s diverse collection of cult-favorite products in a variety of colors and explore a plethora of motivating media. The immersive store is loaded with exclusive content to reach and engage the brand’s loyal fan base. Developing the experience in the Oculus Meta Quest headset further immersed their shoppers and added an additional element of interactivity to retail stores and publicity events. 

Alo showcased their virtual store at their 2023 New York Fashion Week event, providing an escape from reality at the event. Event attendees claimed the experience to be transportive, particularly for the meditation videos on the terrace set in the mountainside—a stark contrast to the New York winter the event was hosted in IRL. 

Users can access yoga, pilates and meditation classes throughout the store or head over to the beauty bar for gua sha and face yoga routines. Content previously only accessible through their paid Alo Moves platform is available for free, only in the virtual store. 

virtual look builder mirror with top and bottom outfit sliders and 3D rendered product models

One of the most unique features of the Alo Virtual Store is the virtual closet. Users can mix and match tops and bottoms from the latest collection to create their own custom looks. Once users have created a look they like, they can add it to their cart and checkout. With the e-commerce integration built into the store, the checkout process is seamless and frictionless.

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Virtual Store Spotlight: Corona Virtual Experiences

Corona is transporting their consumers on a virtual journey to the golf course in their Virtual Clubhouse and on a fun-filled summer vacation in their Ticket to Summer Virtual Experience. 

Fans can join Corona at a beach-side resort with a number of amenities including a bar, golf course and gift shop in the Virtual Clubhouse. Throughout the resort, users can learn more about Corona’s signature products and flavors, and engage with interactive features and content. Visitors can play games, shop for products, try out drink recipes, and more. Corona fans can keep their game light and their memory sharp with a matching game out on the green. When they match the branded golf balls, they get a chance to win a discount code to be used on apparel and accessories. At the bar, users can find simple summer-inspired cocktail recipes to try at home, where they can discover their drink of choice this season. The bar also serves as an educational forum, with hotspots providing users with quick Corona facts. 

Visitors can swing on over to the gift shop to shop exclusive apparel and accessories in collaboration with Travis Mathew, and get tips from golf pro Manolo Vega. Vega shares his expertise as a PGA Tour pro through video clips embedded in the experience. Coinciding with the PGA tour, the Virtual Clubhouse features a chance for visitors to win a beachside stay and tickets to the 2023 U.S. Open tournament. The grand prize winner for the featured sweepstakes wins 4 tickets to the U.S. Open and an all expenses-paid 5-night trip to Los Angeles along with $4,500 in spending money. But there’s more than one winner—other prizes include various Corona merchandise and golf apparel.

In their Ticket to Summer Virtual Experience in partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB), visitors can embark on an adventure-packed vacation sponsored by Corona. Similar to the Virtual Clubhouse experience, consumers are able to shop and learn about signature Corona products and merchandise, play games and enter exclusive sweepstakes. 

Corona kicks off the summer with a green screen avatar of brand ambassador Snoop Dogg at the will call booth, and allows fans to experience summer from three different scenes: the ballpark, the beach and out on music-festival grounds. The different featured sweepstakes gives fans the chance to make their virtual experiences a reality; users can score 2 tickets to an MLB 2023 regular season game with two limited-edition baseball hats from New Era, a travel package worth $2,800, or $400 in concert cash in collaboration with Live Nation–one lucky winner will win all three bundles in their grand prize. In the virtual experience, the official cerveza of Major League Baseball also allows fans to get up to bat in the Home Run Derby Game and hit a home run or two on the field. 

The Corona Premier virtual experiences are a unique and immersive experience for new and longtime fans to explore products and engage with the brand in a fun and informative way. 

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Virtual Store Spotlight: Maybelline Virtual Loft

Known for their iconic makeup products, Maybelline has taken their brand and beauty expertise to the next level with their immersive Virtual Loft. Powered by Obsess, the loft provides users with a fun and interactive way to explore their wide range of products, get inspiration and connect with other beauty lovers. Maybelline has a strong beauty community that is passionate about makeup; the Virtual Loft is another forum for Maybelline to connect with its community and give them a new way to explore the brand.

Packed with engaging elements, the loft contains a plethora of features meant to inspire beauty aficionados, such as a before and after modal that demonstrates the power of Maybelline makeup and the ability to virtually try-on lipsticks to find your perfect shade. Powered by ModiFace, the virtual try-on integration allows users to find their perfect lipstick shade in the Shade Studio and see how different products transform their look. The loft also offers a variety of tips and tricks for applying makeup; whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll be inspired to try something new.

In partnership with beauty retailer, the brand’s bestsellers and latest launches are available for purchase directly from the loft. The Virtual Loft features a wide variety of products, from foundation to lipstick to eyeliner for shoppers to browse; they can make selections by product type, color, or collection. Putting Maybelline’s hero products and latest launches within reach, every room in the Virtual Loft is equipped with innovative features that enhance consumers’ shopping experiences.

In addition, the Virtual Loft also offers a chance to join Maybelline’s exclusive fan club and connect with fellow beauty lovers. Community members get access to different sample promotions and more. To join, loft visitors can simply take the in-store quiz consisting of 8 questions found in individual hotspots throughout the store. To learn more about how Obsess virtual stores can serve as a venue for inspiration and community building, contact our team at or book a demo.

Virtual Store Spotlight: The Dyson Virtual Experience

Dyson, the British technology company known for its innovative vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, and other home appliances, recently launched a new virtual store using the Obsess virtual store platform. 

The interactive 360 product experience allows users to browse Dyson products in a fully interactive, immersive and educational way. The virtual flagship features the brand’s Hero Collection, containing the brand’s most popular products, including their cult-favorite cordless vacuum cleaner, the viral Dyson Airwrap, and the Pure Cool Link air purifier. In the experience, users can shop the products, learn about their features and watch videos of them in action. 

More than just an interactive shopping destination, the virtual store is a convenient way for users to learn about Dyson’s products and find the right ones for their needs—empowering shoppers to make informed decisions. Dyson’s 360 product experience highlights their iconic engineering and provides users with more color around their innovative products such as how they are designed and their unique features. Users can get an inside look of the products, breaking down the individual parts and how they function. 

With extensive product information and the use of VR and AR technology, shoppers can better visualize the behind-the-scenes functionality of each item and explore them in a modern and interactive way. For example, users can see how the Dyson V11 Absolute vacuum cleaner uses cyclone technology to remove dirt and dust from carpets and hard floors. And how the viral Dyson Airwrap styler uses ionic technology to style hair without heat damage.

Immersive experiences are a powerful educational tool for products as they allow users to interact with the products in a realistic and engaging way. The Obsess virtual store platform enabled Dyson to convey their complex engineering process to shoppers in a memorable and digestible way. 

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The Latest in Footwear: The Crocs Virtual Jibbitz Experience

Obsess Partners with Crocs to Launch New Jibbitz Virtual Store and First-Ever 3D Customizer

Obsess recently collaborated with longtime partner Crocs, the world leader in casual footwear, to unveil a new virtual shopping experience known as the Crocs Jibbitz Experience. This innovative venture is centered around self-expression, personalization, gamification, and education—providing a platform to showcase Crocs’ iconic Jibbitz™ charms. The highlight of this immersive experience is the groundbreaking 3D Jibbitz Customizer, a feature engineered by Obsess that allows consumers to create their own unique pair of Crocs adorned with Jibbitz™ charms, which can be directly purchased within the virtual environment.

Crocs Virtual Jibbitz Customizer for Personalization

The partnership between Obsess and Crocs has flourished over the past year, fostering a shared commitment to innovation and the exploration of virtual technologies. The introduction of the Jibbitz Customizer exemplifies the successful collaboration, offering customers unparalleled creative freedom to personalize their Crocs like never before. Jibbitz™ charms have always been a gateway to self-expression through style, and the advanced virtual customization technology developed by Obsess takes this experience to new heights, making it accessible and infinitely imaginative.

The Jibbitz Experience is the result of Crocs’ third virtual store collaboration with Obsess. This virtual wonderland encompasses five distinct departments, each dedicated to a unique assortment of Jibbitz. From Letters to Food, Animals, and more, there is a realm to cater to every charm lover’s desires. While exploring the experience, visitors can partake in an engaging arcade-style claw machine game, allowing them to collect virtual Jibbitz and even win physical ones for only a penny.

Create custom Crocs with personalized Jibbitz charms through the virtual store.

Embedded within the entire experience is a seamless link to the Jibbitz Customizer. This interactive tool showcases lifelike 3D replicas of Jibbitz™ charms and Crocs in various sizes for both men and women. With the ability to add up to 26 different 3D charms to their selected clog model, customers can curate a truly personalized design. Once the perfect creation is achieved, a straightforward purchasing process enables customers to acquire their customized product. The Jibbitz Customizer plays a pivotal role in educating consumers about the extensive range of Jibbitz™ charms available for purchase, while simultaneously showcasing how to apply and style them on Crocs’ renowned clog product.

Accessible via mobile and desktop web platforms, the Jibbitz Experience beckons fashion enthusiasts and Crocs fans alike. Step into a world where fashion seamlessly intertwines with technology, as Obsess and Crocs redefine self-expression, elevate personal style, and offer an extraordinary shopping adventure.

Virtual Store Spotlight: The American Girl Virtual Museum

American Girl, a beloved toy brand renowned for its iconic dolls and immersive storytelling, has created one of the most engaged and loyal digital fan bases through its Obsess-powered virtual store. This innovative experience allows enthusiasts of all ages to embark on a captivating journey through history, exploring the brand’s rich heritage and fostering imagination. The American Girl virtual museum presents a realm of exciting possibilities for both fans and brands looking to make a splash amongst a new generation of brand loyalists and consumers. 

American Girl has long been celebrated for its commitment to representing different historical eras through its doll collections. With the virtual museum, the brand preserved and showcased these historical narratives in a highly relevant and immersive digital format. By digitizing artifacts, photographs, and interactive exhibits, American Girl offers a unique opportunity for all ages to explore the past with ease and convenience.

Upon entering the virtual museum, visitors are greeted with an immersive and visually captivating environment. The virtual space is designed to resemble a physical museum, complete with beautifully curated exhibits showcasing the dolls, accessories, and stories that have captured the hearts of millions. With a simple click of the floor navigation arrows, visitors can navigate through different eras, uncovering the stories and experiences that shaped each character’s world.

What sets American Girl’s virtual museum apart is its commitment to interactive exhibits and engaging storytelling. Visitors can delve deeper into each historical period, immersing themselves in the lives of the characters and the cultural contexts of their times. Through virtual displays, videos, and interactive games, visitors can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges, triumphs, and social issues faced by girls throughout history. The content and features in the virtual experience serve to provide engaging education for the American Girl consumer base, building long-term engagement and a strengthened brand connection. 

Possibly the greatest contributing factor to the virtual store’s success is the abundance of games throughout the store. A plethora of games is incorporated throughout the store in a variety of ways to inspire more immersion in the experience. Games like the puppy scavenger hunt, for instance, challenge store visitors to find all the missing puppies hidden throughout the store encouraging more store exploration and interactivity. The different types of games all contributed to the store’s higher time spent add to cart rate—visitors spent 1000% more time in the virtual experience than American Girl’s traditional e-commerce site and demonstrated a 25% higher add to cart ratio after visiting the experience.

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Virtual Store Spotlight: The Ralph Lauren Virtual Experience

Ralph Lauren is one of the longest-running partners of Obsess, with over 24 virtual experiences built to date. Ralph Lauren’s virtual store experiences take customers on a digital journey, blurring the lines between the physical and digital realms. In partnership with Obsess, the brand has created a digital experience that allows shoppers to explore the store from the comfort of their homes. With just a few clicks, customers can step into a virtual boutique that replicates the ambiance, layout, and aesthetics of a physical store—extending the reach of Ralph Lauren’s existing physical brand presence. 

Once inside the virtual store, customers can navigate through different sections and browse a wide range of products just as they would in a physical store. The virtual photographed environment incorporates all the intricate details of Ralph Lauren’s physical stores, creating a truly immersive experience. Shoppers can interact with digital mannequins, inspect product hotspots for a closer look, and visualize how different garments might look IRL before making a purchase.

Ralph Lauren’s virtual store experience seamlessly integrates technology into the shopping process, enhancing convenience and accessibility. Customers can make purchases directly through the virtual store that is integrated with the brand’s e-commerce site. The brand has successfully combined the best of online and in-person shopping.

Some of the virtual stores in the RL Virtual Experiences are the only way to shop online for a particular collection of clothing. Polo Factory Stores (PFS) are outlet stores that can be found around the United States and Canada, but cannot be shopped for via Ralph Lauren’s traditional e-commerce channels. The virtual store brings the in-store shopping experience to the web with a shoppable, 360-degree photographed experience that’s just like the real thing. Ralph Lauren enables any of its consumers to shop the PFS collection as its meant to be experienced—in a discovery-driven and visually-interactive way. 

Ralph Lauren’s virtual store experience is a testament to the limitless possibilities of virtual stores in the fashion industry. As the e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, other brands should embrace virtual stores which have been shown to enhance the online shopping experience for customers and brands alike. The convenience, personalization, and immersive nature of virtual stores are revolutionizing the retail landscape, creating a new era of consumer engagement.

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Virtual Store Spotlight: The Laneige Virtual World

A New Way to Shop Skincare

Laneige, the Korean beauty brand known for its innovative lip masks and skincare products, recently launched a new virtual store powered by Obsess. The store is a dreamy 360 cloudscape, which enables shoppers to explore Laneige’s products and brand story in a fully immersive context.

laneige virtual skincare store by obesss - lip love land

The virtual store is designed to resemble a lush garden, and it features a variety of different rooms — each of which is dedicated to a different Laneige product line. Shoppers can interact with the products in a variety of ways, including viewing products in 3D, and learning about their ingredients and applications through interactive media and tutorials.

Notable Features

The Laneige Virtual World uses a combination of custom and out-of-the box features from the Obsess virtual store platform, including:

laneige virtual skincare store by obsess featuring sydney sweeney

Guided Navigation

Consumers can click through the store map of this cotton candy-colored virtual experience to discover Laneige skincare products for everyday use, and uncover exclusive media content. 


The store features a scavenger hunt style game, which encourages users to click through multiple rooms and view points in order to uncover hidden icons. If a user collects all hidden icons, they are rewarded with a gift with purchase.

Photorealism and 360 Video

From the subtle waves of water, to the 360-degree motion of a Lip Sleeping Mask carousel — the Laneige virtual store is punctuated with animations and 360-degree videos that make digital shopping akin to an IRL experience.

Seamless Add To Cart

Obsess integrated with the brand’s e-commerce platform, Shopify, so that shoppers can easily add products to cart and purchase them without having to leave the virtual world.

Marketing Campaign Content

Videos from actress and Laneige campaign ambassador Sydney Sweeney can be found lining the walls of the experience with her own personal testimonials of the products—a treat for fans turned Laneige evangelists.

The Ultimate Customer Engagement Tool

The Laneige Virtual World marries a cult-favorite beauty brand’s whimsical heritage with technological innovation. The result? An always-on brand storytelling channel — designed to increase time spent, interactions and brand loyalty above all else.

laneige virtual store by obsess - waterbank room

“The virtual store is a powerful customer engagement tool that will allow shoppers to dive into Laneige’s unique scientific expertise and entertaining digital content, while also helping them select the right product for their skin needs,” said Julien Bouzitat, Chief Marketing Officer of parent company AmorePacific U.S.

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