Virtual Store Spotlight: Corona Virtual Experiences

Corona is giving fans a new way to shop and engage with their brand, transporting consumers to a variety of locations with their virtual experiences. With the launch of the Virtual Clubhouse, the iconic beer brand takes users to the golf course with the chance to go to the 2023 U.S. Open as part of their PGA campaign. In the second experience, Ticket to Summer, Corona takes visitors on a fun-filled vacation, with brand ambassador Snoop Dogg, to a music festival, the beach and the ballpark—they can even take a swing on the pitch in the custom Home Run Derby game. As part of their holiday campaign, Corona launched the virtual Holiday Beach Hut, taking visitors to a sandy, sunset paradise modeled after their iconic, long-standing holiday commercial with Snoop.

Corona Virtual Clubhouse

Fans can join Corona on a golf resort with a number of amenities in the Virtual Clubhouse. Throughout the space, users can learn more about Corona’s signature products and flavors, and engage with interactive features and content–visitors can play, shop, experiment with recipes and more. 

Consumers can keep their game light and their memory sharp with the matching game out on the green for a chance to win a discount code for apparel and accessories. Visitors can then swing over to the gift shop to shop exclusive apparel and accessories in collaboration with Travis Mathew, and get tips on their golf game from pro Manolo Vega; Vega shares his expertise as a PGA Tour pro through video clips embedded in the experience. At the bar, users can learn fun Corona facts and discover their drink of choice for the season with simple summer-inspired cocktail recipes to try at home. 

Coinciding with the PGA tour, the Virtual Clubhouse features a chance for visitors to win tickets to the 2023 U.S. Open tournament. The grand prize includes four tickets to the tournament and an all expenses-paid 5-night trip to Los Angeles, along with $4,500 in spending money. Other prizes include various Corona merchandise and golf apparel.

Corona Ticket to Summer

In their Ticket to Summer Virtual Experience, Corona gives visitors the opportunity to embark on an adventure-packed vacation from three different scenes: the ballpark, the beach and out on music-festival grounds. Corona kicks off the experience with a green screen avatar of brand ambassador Snoop Dogg at the will call booth, welcoming users to the experience. Similar to the Virtual Clubhouse experience, consumers are able to shop and learn about signature Corona products and merchandise, play games and enter exclusive sweepstakes. 

For the summer experience, Corona built another custom game for users. As the official cerveza of Major League Baseball is allowing fans to get up to bat in the Home Run Derby Game and hit a home run or two on the field. 

The featured sweepstakes in the summer experience gives fans the chance to make their virtual experiences a reality with three prize bundles–with one lucky winner winning all three. In partnership with the MLB, Corona is sending one prize winner to an MLB 2023 regular season game with two tickets and limited-edition baseball hats. Prize #2 is a travel package worth $2,800 that allows the winner to jet off to a destination of their choice. The last bundle is $400 in concert cash, in collaboration with Live Nation, to be used on a show of their choice.

Corona Holiday Beach Hut

Feliz Navi-Drip it like it’s hot—for the holidays, Corona invites fans to a Christmas outing on the beach in the Holiday Beach Hut with brand ambassador Snoop Dogg, turning their famed holiday commercial into an immersive holiday experience. Visitors are taken to a palm tree-filled beach at sunset, where they can shop classic Corona products, play games, enter sweepstakes and more. 

Around the crackling, virtual bonfire consumers can purchase classic Corona products through multiple retailers such as Drizly or Instacart. Visitors can win a special discount code by playing the custom, arcade-style ornament collection game off into the sunset. Fans can get further in the holiday spirit inside the colorful string light laden beach hut. Here, visitors can watch the iconic holiday ad the experience is modeled after, create a holiday card with Snoop in the photobooth or enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win a limited-edition robe, matching Snoop Dogg, designed by Talia Coles—the creative mind behind Snoop’s iconic look in his commercial with the beer brand. 

The Corona virtual experiences are a unique and immersive experience for new and longtime fans to explore products and engage with the brand in a fun and informative way.

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