The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Brand on Roblox

Branded experiences on Roblox are revolutionizing the way companies engage with younger, digitally-native audiences. For brands aiming to connect with the next generation, understanding and participating in this vibrant ecosystem is not just advantageous; it’s imperative. With over 70 million daily active users, Roblox presents a dynamic platform where the boundaries between gaming, social interaction and digital commerce blur—offering companies a vibrant space to engage a community of highly attentive consumers.

What Are Roblox Experiences?

At the heart of Roblox lies a diverse array of user-generated games and virtual environments, collectively known as Roblox experiences. These are not just games but immersive worlds where users can explore, create and interact. This dynamic blend of entertainment and creativity makes Roblox a unique platform for users and creators alike.

Why Brands Should Consider Roblox

Roblox presents an unparalleled opportunity for brands to engage with a vast, engaged audience. With millions of daily users, the platform offers:

  • Reach: Roblox’s massive, global user base comprises primarily Gen Z, Gen Alpha and younger millennials, providing direct access to hard-to-reach demographics that are less responsive to traditional media.
  • Engagement: The interactive nature of Roblox experiences fosters deep engagement, allowing brands to build stronger connections with their audience.
  • Innovation: Roblox is at the cutting edge of digital interaction, offering brands a space to innovate and experiment with new forms of engagement and storytelling.

Collaborating with a specialized partner like Obsess can help brands navigate Roblox’s complexities to create custom, branded experiences that resonate with audiences. By harnessing Obsess’s expertise, brands like Brooklyn-based haircare brand amika have successfully entered Roblox, offering engaging content that aligns with their brand narrative and overall marketing objectives.

Considerations When Building on Roblox

To maximize the impact of a Roblox experience, consider the following:

  1. Engagement is Key: Design your space to encourage interaction and exploration, making it memorable and shareable.
  2. Social Features Matter: Utilize Roblox’s social capabilities to promote community building and user-generated content, amplifying your brand’s reach.
  3. Stay Authentic: Ensure your Roblox presence aligns with your brand’s values and aesthetic, creating a cohesive and authentic experience.
  4. Take Advantage of UGC: Roblox allows brands to sell branded digital items for user avatars. Any avatar accessory (also called a “UGC” in Roblox) can be sold as a digital item in a brand’s Roblox experience—from clothing to shoes, handbags, hats, sunglasses, jewelry and even makeup looks and hairstyles. Once a Roblox user purchases an item, they can wear it to all Roblox experiences where other users will see their outfit, hence increasing brand awareness and encouraging others to purchase the same item from your store.

Why Build a Branded Experience on Roblox?

60% of Roblox users are Gen Z. The collection of apps on the platform enables highly engaging virtual gaming worlds, which brands can leverage to reach new audiences and increase loyalty.

Obsess works with Roblox to create shoppable, focused, high fidelity virtual stores that give brands a more seamless and manageable entry point onto the platform. While traditional Roblox worlds focus on incentivizing game play, Obsess-powered virtual stores in Roblox leverage gamification and tactical merchandising to promote purchases.

Examples of Roblox Experiences Created by Brands

Brands, such as Nike, Gucci, Forever 21 and Walmart have all created experiences in Roblox to extend their brand story to a new audience. See how these brands and more are engaging Gen Z with Roblox experiences:

How to Maximize ROI in Roblox

To maximize ROI on Roblox, brands can work with Obsess to create a data-backed store layout that encourages product sales—all based on Obsess’s 3D spatial data from over 300 other virtual stores. This is a new type of experience for the Roblox platform; one that prioritizes shopping and tactical merchandising.

Brands can also distribute their Roblox virtual store across multiple channels and devices. Every Obsess virtual store can be released across mobile and desktop on a brand’s website, plus spatial computing and VR/AR devices like Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest.

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