Top 5 Features That Drive Engagement in Virtual

Whether brands are creating virtualized versions of their IRL storefronts or building completely new virtual flagships on their e-commerce sites, virtual stores have been shown to generate greater engagement and foster deeper connections with consumers. By default, virtual stores provide a more immersive and contextual online shopping experience. And when virtual stores include one or […]

Top 3 Ways Beauty Brands Drive Engagement in Virtual Stores

The beauty industry is consistently leaning into innovation by adopting new technologies. From AR technology, such as virtual try-ons, to gamified experiences—modern beauty selling is customer-centric and focused on engagement.  Obsess is home to the largest portfolio of virtual stores amongst beauty brands. These forward-thinking brands are changing virtual reality retail shopping in the beauty […]

The Future of Retail: Trends in Retail Technology

In 2022, there was a lot of buzz around the metaverse as a way to create engaging and immersive shopping experiences for consumers online—combining the best of in-store with the convenience of online.  Moving forward, retailers will continue to focus on creating exceptional experiences for their shoppers—in the metaverse, in physical retail, and on their […]

Why Your Virtual Store Should be Refreshed to Align with Your Marketing Calendar

Brick and mortar retail displays are updated regularly to mirror new collection drops, holidays and seasonal changes, and special promotions in an effort to increase sales and keep in-store experiences relevant. Just like in retail, it’s important to frequently refresh your virtual stores so that your shoppers have access to your most up-to-date content. Virtual […]

Powering Donations Through Virtual Stores

Charitable organizations launch some of their biggest donation campaigns during the holidays, but the need for mission-driven marketing persists all year round. With 18% of annual donations happening in December—the holidays, in particular, present brands with the chance to embrace impactful innovation, which drives fundraising and encourages giving (Blackbaud Institute, 2022). The fundraising formula is […]

Top Virtual Store Use Cases

The newest trend in e-commerce is virtual selling technology. Virtual stores are one of the many innovations that have come out of this new trend that brands are capitalizing on as a way to build unique engagement and differentiate their digital offerings. Virtual stores are 3D, 360 full-page visual experiences that live on a brand’s […]

What is Virtual Selling Technology?

The pandemic fundamentally changed how e-commerce brands build their channel mix and operate their businesses. Companies previously accustomed to in-person selling, by way of brick-and-mortar storefronts and in-store sales associates, were forced to re-evaluate their selling strategies. Forbes noted that “81% of growth leaders [used] the pandemic as an opportunity to redefine the customer experience […]