neha singh at etail west 2024

Capturing a New Generation of Consumers: Insights from eTail West 2024

At eTail West 2024, Obsess’ CEO and Founder, Neha Singh, joined a panel with retail leaders from Nike and ThirdLove to discuss the evolution of online retail and its future. The conversation, centered on attracting and engaging the next generation of consumers, took a deep dive into some of the innovative strategies that are setting new benchmarks for the industry.

Neha’s participation was driven by Obsess’ commitment to understanding the unique shopping preferences and digital behaviors of younger consumers. This demographic’s expectations are shaped by rapid technological advancements and a seamless blend of online and offline experiences. The panel provided a platform to discuss how brands are pioneering new ways to captivate this audience.

Leading with Virtual Stores in a Gaming-Native World

One of the highlights of the discussion was the emphasis on virtual stores and their significance in engaging a gaming-native audience.

With more than 80% of consumers today saying that they play video games, and an even higher percentage for Gen Z, the integration of gamification into shopping experiences is not just innovative—it’s essential. Obsess’ virtual store platform represents the forefront of this integration, offering immersive, interactive environments that draw on the engagement mechanics of video games.

During the panel, Neha shared how Obsess-powered virtual stores are designed to make shopping more dynamic and personalized, incorporating features like in-scene videos, dynamic merchandising and AI-powered content. This approach resonates deeply with a demographic that values engaging, interactive digital experiences, bridging the gap between gaming and shopping to create a memorable, captivating online environment.

The Future of Shoppable Video and AI Personalization

The panel also discussed the untapped potential of shoppable video in the U.S. and the transformative impact it has had in other markets. The conversation ventured into the role of AI in retail, particularly in personalizing the shopping journey.

At Obsess, we’re leveraging AI to revolutionize how consumers discover products, using new technologies such as virtual assistants and AI-powered recommendation engines that provide tailored shopping experiences. This technology is instrumental in meeting the demands for personalization among younger consumers, offering them recommendations and experiences that align with their unique preferences and shopping behaviors.

Shaping the Future of Online Retail

The discussions at eTail West 2024 underscored the transformative impact of emerging technologies on online retail. As companies continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible in e-commerce, online customer experiences will only continue to get better and more akin to real life.

By embracing new technologies, such as 3D virtual stores and AI-driven personalization, brands are poised to not only respond to the evolving needs of the next generation of consumers; they will actively lead retail into its next era.

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