Roblox branded experience by Obsess - The amikaverse

Amika and Obsess Launch amikaverse on Roblox

Brooklyn-based haircare brand, amika, debuts its first Roblox experience with Obsess. The colorful, play-driven world embodies the brand’s commitment to inclusion, responsibility and sustainability, and leverages their professional credibility to highlight their salon-quality products. An ideal extension of the brand’s purpose, the amikaverse is a community-centric example of how they are meeting their newest generation of customers where they are. 

In the amikaverse, users can learn about the brand as they create and share their own digital products, engage in unique challenges and interact with other characters throughout the environment, fostering creativity and community. 

Besties That Game Together, Stay Together

The name “amika” means friend—the brand emphasizes diversity and inclusion within their experience, from the digital items to the non-playable characters (NPCs) in the games. Choosing Roblox as the end platform was a natural choice as it allows the brand to continue building their community in a social and gamified environment of more than 70 million daily active users, many of whom are young millennials and Gen Z.

Upon entering the amikaverse, visitors are invited to choose a “Bestie” character—a Stylist, a Gardener or a Recycler—to guide them through the immersive 3D experience. Each Bestie leads users into a different themed space with a corresponding custom mini game that makes it easy and fun to learn about amika. The games really contextualize how amika shows up every day in their customers’ lives. 

Stylists take you into the Salon, a mini game centered around inclusivity and product education; players can hone in on their hair expertise by addressing the diverse set of hair concerns presented by various characters, and then solving a quick puzzle. With Gardeners, users venture to the Garden challenge where they have to grow and harvest different ingredients that make up the amika products, showcasing the brand’s naturally derived ingredients in an interactive way. The Recycler path highlights the brand’s commitment to sustainability—in the Recycling space, visitors explore the amikaverse to collect pieces of recyclable materials to then combine into one of five different packaging options inspired by amika’s iconic patterns. Once users have the hair knowledge, ingredients and packaging, they can tap into their creativity and create a custom product to gift to friends within the experience. 

Self-Expression via Roblox User Generated Content

Obsess created exclusive digital wearables that users can shop for in the amikaverse to customize their avatars. As an official member of the Roblox UGC program, Obsess is able to 3D model all avatar items in a brand’s digital collection, and create custom UGCs (avatar accessories) for brands to sell on the platform.

The new amikaverse digital items include a vibrant collection of branded hair accessories, a jetpack made of hair dryers and brightly patterned hairstyles modeled after the brand’s signature packaging. These custom digital items empower self-expression and are available for players to redeem with digital coins collected in the amikaverse. 

The brand also included a digital sweepstakes, offering the first 10,000 visitors who completed the Salon challenge 10 times to receive a digital, limited-edition amika-patterned jacket to wear on the platform. 

According to Roblox, digital self-expression continues to grow in importance to Gen Z. Justine Higueras, Head of Beauty, CPG and QSR at Roblox states “hair customization and curation is more popular than ever on Roblox, and our research shows that avatar hair is the second most important element for 67% of Gen Z consumers to customize on a daily or weekly basis,” underscoring the necessity for amika’s new digital collectables. With the lower cost and ease of expression in immersive spaces, people are in a position to have fun changing up their hairstyles more often. “The opportunity for hair brands is massive on Roblox where over 70 million people connect and communicate daily, and it’s great to see experiences like amika’s that lean into the creativity of the Roblox community and the power of digital self-expression,” Higueras continues.

Virtual Stores for Roblox

Deepen engagement among brand communities and drive long-term loyalty with a Roblox virtual store experience. Obsess works with Roblox to create shopping-focused, high-fidelity virtual stores that give brands a seamless and manageable entry point onto the platform. Obsess-powered virtual stores on Roblox leverage gamification and tactical merchandising to promote purchases. We are able to 3D-ify a brand’s environment at a high fidelity and merchandise it with their digital items. 

In addition to the immersive experience on Roblox, amika and Obsess will be partnering to create a matching web-based virtual store, hosted on their e-commerce site. All Obsess-powered immersive experiences are built for cross-platform distribution, empowering brands to increase ROI and extend their virtual footprint across the web, Roblox, Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest, and vice versa. 

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