J.Crew Partners with Obsess to Launch the First-Ever Virtual Closet for Apple Vision Pro

J.Crew and Obsess have launched an unprecedented virtual shopping experience: the “J.Crew Virtual Closet” app, exclusively for Apple Vision Pro aligned to the premiere launch of the new device. This groundbreaking initiative marks the first-ever fashion shopping experience to include both a virtual styling closet and the SharePlay feature on Apple’s advanced spatial computer.

A New Era of Immersive Shopping

J.Crew’s forward-thinking approach transforms the conventional shopping experience. The brand’s Virtual Closet for Apple Vision Pro allows customers to immerse themselves in a 3D shopping environment, showcasing J.Crew’s latest collections in ultra-high definition. This immersive experience, conceptualized, designed and developed by Obsess, is not just a leap in e-commerce but a whole new world of interactive shopping.

SharePlay for Digital Clienteling

The J.Crew Virtual Closet is among the first shopping apps on Apple Vision Pro to utilize SharePlay, a visionOS feature that will up-level digital clienteling as we know it. 

SharePlay includes a powerful set of features for shared experiences while on a FaceTime call through Vision Pro. The J.Crew app leverages a digitized version of a person (and their subtle facial expressions and gestures) to allow them to activate one-on-one video calls with J.Crew’s expert stylists or host group video chats to get others’ opinions on looks. When one person creates an outfit, the other person can see it—and they can react, comment and give feedback in real time. The subtlety of the persona’s interaction creates a hyperrealistic shared experience, making digital shopping feel more social than ever.

A Reimagined Clueless Closet

J.Crew’s concept takes all the promise of Cher’s closet from the 1990s film Clueless and transforms it into something actually usable for consumers—a feat that the retail industry has been seeking for quite some time.

Vision Pro users can create outfit combinations for different occasions interactively and at life-size scale. Shoppers use intuitive hand and eye movements to browse different products and looks. Apple Pay integration enables all looks to be seamlessly added to cart and purchased directly from the app.

High Definition Details

The J.Crew visionOS app offers a curated selection of products, enabling customers to scrutinize the texture and quality of materials like never before. A Vision Pro user can pull up a piece of clothing or an accessory so close to their face that they can see a product’s granular weaves, textures, folds, creases and dyes. The level of detail is even clearer than if a person was doing the same examination in real life with a naked eye.

This app also includes realistic background scenes to inspire and guide users in updating their wardrobes. For example, resort looks can be visualized within the context of a 360-degree immersive beach setting.

Why It Matters

The J.Crew Virtual Closet for Apple Vision Pro is more than just a technological advancement; it’s a portal into the next generation of fashion retail. Combining social proof, high-definition contextual visuals, personalization and easy checkout—J.Crew and Obsess have ushered in a new era of immersive shopping, blending the physical and digital worlds in a way that has never been done before.

The J.Crew Apple Vision Pro app is available to download for free from the App Store for Apple Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro Design and Development Services from Obsess

Obsess is developing highly visual, interactive and tailored shopping experiences to help brands like J.Crew revolutionize storytelling and engage consumers digitally like never before.

Brands can work with Obsess to conceptualize, design and develop their visionOS apps and immersive browser-based experiences. These can include virtual stores, tools to mix-and-match outfits, shop with friends or sales associates from afar—or even bring an outdoor space right into an indoor home. Apple Pay is available to implement on all Apple Vision Pro apps, enabling a seamless checkout.

If you are interested in creating an experience for Apple Vision Pro for your brand, book a demo or send a message to today.



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