Obsess Launches 4 of the First-Ever Shopping Apps for Apple Vision Pro

The secret is out: Obsess has designed, developed and released four new immersive shopping apps for the just-released Apple Vision Pro spatial computer—including the premiere fashion, beauty and luxury shopping apps. Each of the spatial computing apps incorporates the best of Apple’s latest technology—such as progressive immersion, high definition 4K displays, spatial audio, interactions via intuitive hand and eye movements, SharePlay and a blend of digital content with the physical space around you.

We are proud to say that this milestone not only marks a significant leap in furthering our mission to create the next generation online shopping interface, but also an advancement for the world of retail technology, in general. These four first-of-their-kind apps are ushering in a new era for retail, fueled by a soon-to-be ubiquitous appetite for spatial computing.

We have partnered with pioneers at leading retail brands—including J.Crew, e.l.f. Cosmetics, Mytheresa and Alo Yoga—to bring these visionOS apps to life.

Read on to peek inside each of the apps and their groundbreaking features. All apps are available to download for free from the App Store for Apple Vision Pro.

J.Crew Virtual Closet App

Our collaboration with J.Crew has led to the creation of the Virtual Closet app, a groundbreaking fusion of timeless fashion and cutting-edge technology. Drawing inspiration from the iconic 1990s film Clueless, we’ve transformed the long-desired concept of a virtual wardrobe into a tangible, life-size reality. Users can effortlessly mix and match outfits for any occasion, utilizing intuitive hand and eye gestures. This app also debuts the integration of SharePlay technology, setting a new standard for digital clienteling.

SharePlay includes a powerful set of features for shared experiences while on a FaceTime call through Vision Pro. The J.Crew app leverages a digitized version of a person (and their subtle facial expressions and gestures) to allow them to activate one-on-one video calls with J.Crew’s expert stylists or host group video chats to get others’ opinions on looks. When one person creates an outfit, the other person can see it—and they can react, comment and give feedback in real time. The subtlety of the persona’s interaction creates a hyperrealistic shared experience, making digital shopping feel more social than ever. 

The J.Crew visionOS app offers a curated selection of products, enabling customers to scrutinize the texture and quality of materials like never before. An Apple Vision Pro user can pull up a piece of clothing or an accessory so close to their face that they can see a product’s granular weaves, textures, folds, creases and dyes. The level of detail attainable is akin to a real-life examination of a garment up close.

This app also includes realistic background scenes to inspire and guide users in updating their wardrobes. For example, resort looks can be visualized within the context of a 360-degree immersive beach setting.

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“your best e.l.f.” App

The e.l.f. app isn’t just about buying beauty products; it’s an immersive journey centered around self-expression and relaxation. Through engaging activities and 3D product visualizations, we’ve worked with the brand to blend retail therapy with self-care and render a virtual escape that relaxes all the senses.

“your best e.l.f.” is a holistic experience that leverages the advanced spatial computing capabilities of Apple Vision Pro, featuring pioneering technologies like progressive immersion, 3D product visualizations, spatial audio and a seamless Apple Pay integration.

The app invites users to explore three distinct virtual environments—Camo Cove, Big Mood and Halo Glow—each representing an e.l.f. product line. These settings provide an opportunity for customers to interact with products in high fidelity, thanks to 3D modeling and 4K displays. Users can engage in relaxing activities like guided meditations, stretching exercises and an interactive Paint by Numbers game that results in artwork of animals, which come to life throughout the experience. Each time that visitors return to the experience, a different animal appears—encouraging repeat visits after users take a break for a moment or for the day.

To accompany the launch of “your best e.l.f.” for Apple Vision Pro, e.l.f. has partnered with Obsess to create a version of the “your best e.l.f.” experience for Safari users, ensuring that the immersive world of e.l.f. is accessible to a broader audience.

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Mytheresa: Immersive Luxury App

Our collaboration with Mytheresa has resulted in a truly immersive luxury shopping app. We transport users to glamorous destinations around the globe, offering a sensory-rich shopping experience. This app sets the stage for Mytheresa to launch exclusive collections and curated edits on Apple Vision Pro, with a future vision of offering personalized styling sessions through the app.

As one of the first luxury platforms to embrace Apple’s new Vision Pro spatial computing device, Mytheresa is pioneering a new era in digital retail, offering customers an unparalleled shopping experience. It allows users to virtually transport themselves to iconic fashion destinations like Capri and Paris, where users can explore curated edits specific to each destination—such as resort wear for the beach and party wear for city nightlife.

This app isn’t just about shopping; it’s about experiencing luxury in a deeply emotional and interactive way, including a first-of-its-kind immersive product carousel. The integration of Apple Pay adds to the seamless, innovative experience. Mytheresa’s iconic yellow box and the new exclusive pattern featured in the app’s intro and outro scenes round out this luxe journey.

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alo Sanctuary App

The alo Sanctuary app represents the brand’s foray into blending wellness with retail. As the first wellness-driven shopping app on Apple Vision Pro, the alo Sanctuary offers users an escape to tranquil environments, each showcasing a unique product collection. We’ve pushed the boundaries of product visualization, enabling users to inspect products with an unprecedented level of detail and realism.

There are four core environments within the app—the beach, mountains, canyons and jungle—which each represent Alo’s Navy, Midnight Green, Espresso and Wild Berry collections, respectively. This thoughtful design allows consumers to visualize and contextualize Alo’s products in diverse settings. The app will be updated seasonally, keeping the collections and experiences fresh and engaging.

Alo has gone a step further in enhancing the user experience by featuring life-size, styled mannequins in each environment. Users can interact with these mannequins, rotating and engaging with them, which brings a new level of interaction to online shopping.

alo Sanctuary will also offer complimentary meditation exercises, previously exclusive to its subscription-based platform, Alo Moves. The app includes a range of meditations within each environment, totaling over 20 different sessions. This feature not only promotes wellness but also ensures a holistic and soothing shopping experience.

Read more on the Alo Yoga visionOS app here: Alo Yoga and Obsess Introduce “alo Sanctuary,” a Wellness-Inspired Shopping App for Apple Vision Pro

A New Era of Shopping, Fueled by Spatial Computing

These collaborations represent more than just technological advancements; they embody a leap toward achieving Obsess’ mission to create the next generation shopping interface across platforms. The arrival of Apple Vision Pro and its shopping apps heralds a new era of spatial computing by seamlessly merging virtual and physical realms, blending digital content with the physical space around users.

Spatial computing technology—driven by enhanced processors, ultra-high definition displays and unparalleled global network speeds—promises revolutionary immersive shopping experiences. By integrating 3D digital interfaces mirroring human interactions, spatial computing transcends conventional online shopping encounters.

While the adoption of Apple Vision Pro may begin exclusively with a select set of tech savvy consumers, who are willing to pay a price premium; the arrival of the device signifies a paradigm shift that we have previously seen with other Apple devices like the iPhone. During the coming few years, Apple will do what they do best: they’ll make Vision Pro compatible with mass market needs by giving it an even simpler interface, bringing the price down and marketing the device in a way that brings humanity into technology.

As with the launch of any other Apple device, the early apps in the app store will likely have the highest rate of downloads. Brands, who are not yet already on the platform, have the opportunity to act now and target tech-savvy affluent new customers in a completely new way.

Apple Vision Pro Design and Development Services

Obsess is developing highly visual, interactive and tailored shopping experiences to help brands—like J.Crew, e.l.f. Cosmetics, Mytheresa and Alo Yoga—revolutionize storytelling and engage consumers digitally like never before.

Brands can work with Obsess to conceptualize, design and develop their visionOS apps and immersive browser-based experiences. These can include virtual stores, tools to mix-and-match outfits, shop with friends or sales associates from afar—or even bring an outdoor space right into an indoor home. Apple Pay is available to implement on all Apple Vision Pro apps, enabling a seamless checkout.

If you are interested in creating an experience for Apple Vision Pro for your brand, book a demo or send a message to today.



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