e.l.f. Cosmetics and Obsess Launch the Premiere Beauty Shopping App for Apple Vision Pro

e.l.f. Cosmetics has become notorious for “firsts” in the beauty industry—and their premiere app for Apple Vision Pro, developed in partnership with Obsess, is no exception. The brand has always prioritized innovative digital experiences and new technology platforms, in order to meet their consumers wherever they are.

Enter: “your best e.l.f.” for Apple Vision Pro—among the first-ever beauty shopping apps for the spatial computing device. 

“your best e.l.f.” is not just about buying beauty products; it’s an immersive journey into self-expression and relaxation. Through engaging activities and 3D product visualizations, we’ve worked with e.l.f. to blend retail therapy with self-care to render a virtual escape, which relaxes all the senses.

Enriching Narratives through Environment

Emotional, human connection plays an immense role in customer decision-making—and this is truer than ever for beauty consumers in an increasingly crowded market. Beauty brands, like e.l.f., need a way to distinguish themselves and connect to a generation of consumers who are overwhelmed with choice.

“your best e.l.f.” brings the e.l.f. community together to indulge in a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the brand through immersive storytelling, discovery-driven content and branded games. 

The app invites users to embark on a journey of self-expression and relaxation by exploring three distinct virtual environments: Camo Cove, Big Mood and Halo Glow. Each environment represents an e.l.f. Collection available for sale within the app. The environments enable users to visualize e.l.f. products and content at a higher fidelity and detail than has ever been possible with other devices. All in-app products and scenes have been modeled in 3D and rendered at a 4K display from each eye of the device.

A Life-Size Portal into the Brand’s World

Beyond shopping, the “your best e.l.f.” visionOS app serves as a sanctuary for users to engage in mindful activities. The app encourages a holistic approach to beauty, bookended by elements of well-being and creativity.

Within the app, users can engage in relaxing activities such as guided meditations, stretching exercises and an interactive Paint by Numbers game. The Paint by Numbers game results in artwork of animals, which then come to life throughout the experience. Each time that visitors return to the experience, a different animal appears—encouraging repeat visits after users take a break for a moment or for the day.

Designed for a New Era of Spatial Shopping

Leveraging the full capabilities of Apple Vision Pro, the app introduces users to a fully three-dimensional user interface navigable through intuitive hand and eye movements. The app seamlessly blends digital content with a user’s physical space. e.l.f.’s immersive experience is enhanced by progressive immersion (the ability to turn “up” or “down” the level of immersion into a digital environment), spatial audio and a checkout integration with Apple Pay. 

The partnership between e.l.f. Cosmetics and Obsess in launching one of the first beauty apps for Apple Vision Pro is more than novel; it’s a step forward for the beauty industry, altogether.

As spatial computing comes into the mainstream dialogue, and related apps become more accessible over time; immersive experiences will quickly go from a nice-to-have for beauty brands, to a necessity in order to meet consumers where they are. “your best e.l.f. reflects e.l.f.’s dedication to connect with their community on their customers’ terms.

“your best e.l.f.” is available to download for free from the App Store for Apple Vision Pro. In addition to the visionOS app, e.l.f. has partnered with Obsess to create a version of the “your best e.l.f.” experience for all Safari browser users, regardless of their device—underlining the brand’s commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

Apple Vision Pro Design and Development Services from Obsess

Obsess is developing highly visual, interactive and tailored shopping experiences to help brands like e.l.f. Cosmetics revolutionize storytelling and engage consumers digitally like never before.

Brands can work with Obsess to conceptualize, design and develop their visionOS apps and immersive browser-based experiences. These can include virtual stores, tools to mix-and-match outfits, shop with friends or sales associates from afar—or even bring an outdoor space right into an indoor home. Apple Pay is available to implement on all Apple Vision Pro apps, enabling a seamless checkout.

If you are interested in creating an experience for Apple Vision Pro for your brand, book a demo or send a message to today.



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