Alo Yoga Apple Vision Pro App powered by Obsess

Alo Yoga and Obsess Introduce “alo Sanctuary,” a Wellness-Inspired Shopping App for Apple Vision Pro

Alo Yoga, in collaboration with Obsess, has launched “alo Sanctuary,” a new visionOS app exclusively designed for Apple’s new spatial computing device, Apple Vision Pro. This app represents a significant advancement in the integration of wellness and retail, offering a first-of-its-kind shopping experience that combines high-definition, hyper realistic meditation environments with the ability to shop Alo Yoga’s premium collections in immersive, contextual 3D spaces.

Inside the alo Sanctuary for Apple Vision Pro

alo Sanctuary leverages the advanced features of Apple Vision Pro to provide users with a shopping experience that is both immersive and innovative. The application features four hyper realistic contextual virtual environments: the beach, mountains, canyons, and jungle. Each setting is tailored to showcase Alo Yoga’s collections in Navy, Midnight Green, Espresso, and Wild Berry, respectively—allowing consumers to visualize the apparel in various outdoor settings.

The environments are enhanced with life-size, styled mannequins, offering an interactive element to the online shopping experience. The app seamlessly blends these virtualized outdoor settings into users’ physical living spaces.

Ultra High Definition Environments and Products

Products in Alo Yoga App for Apple Vision Pro, powered by Obsess

The app’s commitment to an immersive experience doesn’t stop with stunning visuals. Obsess has partnered with Alo to redefine product interaction through the introduction of life-size, styled mannequins within each environment. These mannequins, which users can rotate and interact with, offer a novel way to explore products in detail, mimicking an in-store experience in a digital realm.

Products are rendered at such high definition that a Vision Pro user could physically pull fabrics close enough to see granular weaves and textures, or decipher one spandex type from another. This level of interaction introduces a new dimension to online shopping, making it more engaging and informative.

Scheduled seasonal updates promise to keep the app’s collections and experiences fresh and engaging, encouraging users to return and explore new offerings in the ever-evolving digital sanctuary.

A Marriage of Meditation and Retail

Meditation in Alo Yoga Apple Vision Pro App, Powered by Obsess

Alo enriches the user journey by integrating elements of wellness directly into the shopping experience. Complimentary meditation exercises, once exclusive to Alo Moves, Alo’s subscription-based wellness platform, are now accessible within the app.

With over 20 different meditation sessions distributed across the environments, users can enjoy a moment of calm, fostering a holistic and soothing shopping journey. This feature underscores Alo’s dedication to promoting wellness, ensuring that users receive not just a product but an experience that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit.

Fashion’s New Era of Spatial Shopping

alo Sanctuary is paving the way for a new era in online shopping, combining immersive technology with wellness—while leveraging spatial storytelling to create deeper and more meaningful connections with their consumers. It transcends the traditional shopping experience by offering moments of tranquility and mindfulness, alongside the opportunity to engage with products in a novel and immersive manner.

The alo Sanctuary app is now available for download on the App Store, exclusively for Apple Vision Pro users.

Apple Vision Pro Design and Development Services

Obsess is developing highly visual, interactive and tailored shopping experiences to help fashion brands, like Alo Yoga, revolutionize storytelling and engage consumers digitally like never before.

Brands can work with Obsess to conceptualize, design and develop their visionOS apps and immersive browser-based experiences. These can include virtual stores, tools to mix-and-match outfits, shop with friends or sales associates from afar—or even bring an outdoor space right into an indoor home. Apple Pay is available to implement on all Apple Vision Pro apps, enabling a seamless checkout.

If you are interested in creating an experience for Apple Vision Pro for your brand, book a demo or send a message to today.



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