Top 5 Features That Drive Engagement in Virtual

Whether brands are creating virtualized versions of their IRL storefronts or building completely new virtual flagships on their e-commerce sites, virtual stores have been shown to generate greater engagement and foster deeper connections with consumers. By default, virtual stores provide a more immersive and contextual online shopping experience. And when virtual stores include one or more custom features, brands are able to create even stickier consumer experiences.

Explore the top 5 Obsess platform features that generate increased engagement.

1. Gamification

adding in custom gamification into a virtual store makes users 10X more likely to click add to cart

Adding features such as memory games, scavenger hunts, and quizzes promotes increased interaction and incentivizes product discovery.

2. Branded Avatars

including Branded Avatars into a virtual store experience increases propensity to checkout by 183%

Walking, talking, fully customizable avatars enable consumers to personalize their characters and feel even more connected to a brand.

3. Shop with Friends

the ability to shop with friends in a experiences increases time spent by 104%

Live group shopping brings community engagement and social proof into the virtual space.

4. Welcome Tutorial

including a welcome tutorial at the beginning of a virtual store encourages customers to explore 72% more pages per session

Guided navigation tutorials encourage consumers to explore a wider variety of virtual rooms.

5. Store Maps

including store maps increase the probability of a user completely exploring the virtual store by 3.8X

Maps facilitate more intuitive navigation and increase consumers’ likelihood to travel through a full virtual store.

To learn more about the Obsess virtual store platform features, and how they can be included in your e-commerce selling strategy—contact our virtual store specialists at and book a demo today.

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