Crate & Barrel Virtual Flagship Store, powered by Obsess

Virtual Store Spotlight: Crate & Barrel Flagship for Furniture and Homeware

Crate & Barrel, the household name synonymous with exquisite furniture and homeware, has embarked on an innovative journey, breaking the barriers of traditional retail for home brands. The home goods company has launched its first-ever immersive virtual flagship store, in collaboration with Obsess. This groundbreaking initiative promises a transformative shopping experience for customers worldwide.

Crate & Barrel Virtual Flagship Store, powered by Obsess - Inside View

The virtual store, an exact replica of Crate & Barrel’s new physical flagship store situated in the vibrant Flatiron neighborhood of New York City, transcends the limitations of conventional online shopping. Boasting a fully rendered space using Obsess’s patented 3D technology, this architectural marvel offers more than just a digital catalog. It’s a dynamic, interactive environment replete with engaging animations and personalized tools that enable customers to curate their dream living spaces.

One of the key highlights of this virtual experience is the ability for patrons to customize their own sofa sets and design their ideal living rooms. Through intuitive personalization tools, customers can visualize and tailor furniture arrangements to suit their unique preferences, transforming their visions into virtual reality.

Crate & Barrel Virtual Flagship Store, powered by Obsess - Bouquet Customizer

Additionally, the store features an innovative option allowing customers to craft bespoke bouquets by selecting vases and botanicals from Crate & Barrel’s extensive collection. This level of customization adds a touch of personal flair, enabling individuals to infuse their spaces with a distinct personality.

Obsess has brought to life over 450 shoppable products within eight interactive room environments. From dining areas to kitchen setups, living rooms, botanical shops, and spaces dedicated to Crate & Kids, this virtual haven mirrors the versatility and richness of the physical flagship store.

“We’re excited to partner with Obsess on this groundbreaking venture, offering our online customers an unprecedented way to engage with our brand,” stated Sebastian Brauer, Senior VP of Product Design at Crate & Barrel. “This immersive tour enables our global clientele to envision and experience our new flagship in NYC, fostering creativity and inspiration in designing their ideal spaces.”

Crate & Barrel Virtual Flagship Store, powered by Obsess - Crate & Kids View

The virtual store transports visitors into a vivid, 360-degree rendition of the physical flagship at 881 Broadway, housed in a historically significant building dating back to 1868. Maintaining neoclassical columns and a volcanic ash tile wall, this homage to the city’s heritage merges seamlessly with contemporary retail innovation, creating an immersive journey through time and design.

Neha Singh, Founder and CEO of Obsess, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting how the virtual store empowers online customers to indulge in a sensory-rich shopping escapade. “Every element and product within the environment is available for purchase, offering customers a lifelike experience that transcends the typical online shopping journey.”

Furthermore, the virtual store introduces a Design Desk, a hub for customers seeking expert guidance and design services. Visitors can engage with Crate & Barrel’s design experts virtually, in-store, or within the comfort of their homes, fostering engagement and collaborative conversations that bring their visions to fruition.

Crate & Barrel Virtual Flagship Store, powered by Obsess - Crate & Kids View

In an era where technology merges seamlessly with retail, Crate & Barrel’s immersive virtual store stands as a testament to innovation, redefining the art of shopping and paving the way for the future of retail experiences worldwide. To explore this innovative virtual store and indulge in a truly immersive shopping experience, visit Crate & Barrel’s Virtual Flagship Store.

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