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How To Create A Virtual Store Using AVA, A Virtual Store Editor And Builder

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AVA is a self-serve CMS virtual store editor enabling brands to easily build, customize, and merchandise Obsess-powered virtual store experiences.


How Brands Are Taking Their First Steps Into The Metaverse By Using VR And AR Technology

Retail brands are taking their first steps into the metaverse by leveraging virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology.

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How 6 Fashion And Beauty Brands Are Leveraging NFTs

NFTs present valuable opportunities for fashion and beauty brands to sell digital items in the metaverse and drive customer engagement with unique, exclusive experiences.

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How Brands Are Engaging Gen Zers With Roblox Experiences

Brands are engaging with younger generations through Roblox experiences. Obsess allows you to raise brand awareness and enter the world of virtual goods.

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The Next Frontier Of Omnichannel: Experience

Omnichannel is moving beyond logistics to experience, and retailers are adding a new virtual selling channel to their omnichannel mix.

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Why Brands And Retailers Need To Enter The Metaverse Now

Brands and retailers have the potential to make shopping more engaging and immersive in the metaverse. Enter the metaverse with a virtual store.

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How The Metaverse Can Help The Retail Industry With Sustainability

Virtual stores are an entry point into the metaverse and can serve as a more sustainable sales channel for those in the retail industry.

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3D Digital Stores: A New E-Commerce Format Taking Consumer Engagement To The Next Level

3D digital stores elevate your e-commerce strategy, enabling brands and retailers to create unique and creative experiences that are highly engaging.

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The First Metaverse Shopping Consumer Survey

This new study reveals new insights on consumer sentiment regarding shopping in the metaverse. Learn what consumers think about this retail trend.

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How To Create A Shoppable Virtual Tour Of Your Retail Store

Recreate your brick-and-mortar store with a shoppable, photorealistic, virtual version. Your customers can shop your retail store anytime, anywhere.

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How Virtual Pop-Ups Increase ROI On Pop-Up Stores

Virtual pop-up experiences increase the accessibility of pop-up stores. Shoppable from anywhere at any time, they are able to reach wider audiences.

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What Is A Virtual Store?

Virtual stores can enhance your omnichannel strategy and get you into the metaverse but what exactly are virtual stores and how do you get started?

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The Metaverse Is The New Mall

As the next generation of the internet, the metaverse is innately social; users can shop, play games, and interact with one another – just like malls.

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