Obsess Joins the Adobe Commerce Partner Program

Obsess joins the Adobe Commerce Marketplace, and offers Adobe Commerce customers a seamless, end-to-end 3D e-commerce experience. As an official Adobe Partner, our extension is available on the Adobe Commerce Marketplace. The extension enables Adobe customers to integrate their Adobe Commerce site with an Obsess-powered virtual store, and pull up-to-date product information.

Integrating with Adobe Commerce

The Obsess X Adobe extension brings Adobe Commerce customers into the next generation of immersive, discovery-driven shopping. By integrating with Adobe Commerce, Obsess enables Adobe customers to create virtual stores with dynamic product and inventory updates. Brands can easily connect their 3D product models to Adobe Commerce and keep them up-to-date. Dynamic product and inventory updates, empower brands to create immersive and engaging 3D virtual experiences that increase conversions and sales. Through the Adobe extensions, we are able to expedite virtual store launches and dynamic merchandising for Adobe customers.

We are excited to be an official Adobe Partner on the Commerce Marketplace. This partnership enables Obsess to reach a wider audience, and provide customers with seamless 3D e-commerce experiences. For more information on how the Obsess extension works on the Adobe Marketplace, click here.

Obsess is transforming the generic e-commerce grid interface into immersive 3D virtual stores that are interactive, creative and custom. Virtual stores live on a brand’s e-commerce site, and are accessible anywhere with a browser–no headset or login required. Obsess virtual stores connect to brand’s e-commerce systems to enable a seamless, unified check-out experience and real-time updates to product inventory. 

To learn more about partnership opportunities and integrating your commerce cloud with Obsess-powered immersive experiences, email us at or book a demo



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Obsess is the leading experiential e-commerce platform enabling brands and retailers to serve immersive and highly interactive 3D virtual experiences that drive conversion, customer engagement, and brand loyalty amongst a new generation of gaming-fluent consumers. Obsess uses its proprietary virtual shopping platform and VR/AR technology to enable brands and retailers to set up 3D 360 digital storefronts on their websites.

© 2024 Obsess, Inc. all rights reserved.