Virtual Store Spotlight: Virtual Disney 100 x Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Wonderland

Introducing the latest milestone in our longstanding partnership with Charlotte Tilbury—the Virtual Disney 100 x Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Wonderland. This collaboration is a captivating immersive beauty shopping experience honoring Disney’s 100th anniversary and their limited edition co-branded collection with Charlotte Tilbury. The experience features 3D Branded Avatars that shoppers can customize with makeup looks inspired by 10 beloved Disney characters.

The heart of the immersive experience is Obsess’ proprietary Branded Avatars technology, which was introduced in collaboration with Charlotte Tilbury last year. Branded Avatars revolutionize the way customers connect with brands, allowing them to curate their avatar’s physical traits and style, providing a uniquely personalized shopping experience. This technology has been further refined and expanded to provide users with a heightened level of personalization and lifelike movement. The avatar customizer now features a new editing panel that allows users to see how their customized looks appear in the world they are immersed in, creating a seamlessly gamified shopping experience.

Visitors can immerse themselves in an enchanting realm where they can explore and virtually try on limited-edition Charlotte Tilbury products inspired by the magical world of Disney, such as the Limited Edition Disney 100 Light Wand highlighter. Consumers can also customize their Branded Avatars to wear the character-inspired makeup products—transforming themselves into the Disney characters they love. Consumers who are looking to find which makeup looks best fits them can look no further than the look-matching quiz that provides personalized product assortment recommendations inspired by iconic Disney characters.

The experience extends beyond shopping, incorporating elements of gamification that engage and captivate visitors. Using their customized avatars, consumers can play the one-of-a-kind virtual garden maze racing game, challenging their skills and speed as they navigate through the maze to reach the center. The reward for success? The chance to win the complete Disney 100 x Charlotte Tilbury limited edition product collection, allowing consumers to dive deeper into the world of Disney and Charlotte Tilbury Beauty.

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