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Virtual Store Spotlight: Maybelline Virtual Loft

Known for their iconic makeup products, Maybelline has taken their brand and beauty expertise to the next level with their immersive Virtual Loft. Powered by Obsess, the loft provides users with a fun and interactive way to explore their wide range of products, get inspiration and connect with other beauty lovers. Maybelline has a strong beauty community that is passionate about makeup; the Virtual Loft is another forum for Maybelline to connect with its community and give them a new way to explore the brand.

Packed with engaging elements, the loft contains a plethora of features meant to inspire beauty aficionados, such as a before and after modal that demonstrates the power of Maybelline makeup and the ability to virtually try-on lipsticks to find your perfect shade. Powered by ModiFace, the virtual try-on integration allows users to find their perfect lipstick shade in the Shade Studio and see how different products transform their look. The loft also offers a variety of tips and tricks for applying makeup; whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll be inspired to try something new.

In partnership with beauty retailer, the brand’s bestsellers and latest launches are available for purchase directly from the loft. The Virtual Loft features a wide variety of products, from foundation to lipstick to eyeliner for shoppers to browse; they can make selections by product type, color, or collection. Putting Maybelline’s hero products and latest launches within reach, every room in the Virtual Loft is equipped with innovative features that enhance consumers’ shopping experiences.

In addition, the Virtual Loft also offers a chance to join Maybelline’s exclusive fan club and connect with fellow beauty lovers. Community members get access to different sample promotions and more. To join, loft visitors can simply take the in-store quiz consisting of 8 questions found in individual hotspots throughout the store. To learn more about how Obsess virtual stores can serve as a venue for inspiration and community building, contact our team at or book a demo.



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