What is a Virtual Storefront?

Consumer behaviors and expectations in today’s digitally-native world are evolving rapidly, prompting brands across industries to adopt innovative approaches to capture and retain consumer attention. Leading this charge are virtual storefronts, but what exactly are these digital shopping experiences?

A virtual storefront is an immersive, 3D-rendered experience accessible across various platforms. It empowers shoppers to browse, interact with, and purchase products in a visually compelling, interactive, and innovative digital environment.

virtual storefront crate & barrel

Obsess has created over 350 of these experiences across various industries like fashion, beauty, CPG & grocery, home & furniture and more. These experiences are built to be responsive across web and mobile, and can be extended to spatial computing with Apple Vision Pro or on gaming platforms like Roblox.

Whenever a brand has a calendar event, product launch, or storytelling moment, these virtual experiences serve as excellent brand marketing touchpoints. They can also function as digital twins of physical stores, as demonstrated by Ralph Lauren and Babylist‘s virtualized flagships, extending the store experience to consumers beyond physical reach. They also extend the ROI of a brand’s IRL locations on a global scale.

virtual storefront ralph lauren

Pop-ups for special brand moments drive digital engagement and relevance. For instance, J.Crew created a holiday virtual store to stand out during the busy holiday season, while Laneige updates its immersive experience with newly launched products and fresh content seasonally. With their versatility and potential, virtual stores are reshaping the retail landscape, providing brands with innovative ways to connect with consumers in our increasingly digital world.

All in all, virtual storefronts are dynamically paving the way for a more immersive and exciting digital future. Read about them in further detail here.

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© 2024 Obsess, Inc. all rights reserved.