Holiday Virtual Store Inspiration Book

The Obsess Holiday Virtual Store Inspiration Book is a comprehensive lookbook brands can use when creating their holiday virtual store for this upcoming holiday season.

In this ebook you can find:

  • A wide array of beautiful and immersive virtual store ideas for seasonal occasions
  • An exploration of various unique and innovative virtual store e-commerce features that improve user engagement and ROI
  • Strategies on how your brand can apply virtual stores to its digital channels to create unique brand experiences in the metaverse


This Brilliant E-Commerce Upgrade Could Change Your Holiday Shopping

“For those who take pleasure in scouting gifts the old-fashioned brick-and-mortar way, Ralph Lauren’s latest virtual stores will make your holiday dreams a reality. The iconic retailer’s new shopping innovation combines the best of the digital and physical worlds, capturing the feeling of shopping IRL through a tech-savvy experience, while offering the option to get your desired goods delivered right to your hot little hands.”

Beauty Brand Launches Holiday Store

“My three-dimensional Virtual Beauty Gifting Wonderland is at the center of the Charlotte Tilbury metaverse this holiday season,” said Charlotte Tilbury MBE, founder, president, chairman and chief creative officer of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty. “It combines all the sparkle and retail theatre of our stores with the ease and portability of the digital universe to unveil a truly immersive Charlotte Tilbury experience. Customers will be guided by my Magic Charlotte avatar to enjoy the magic of in-store from the comfort of their own home. Digital innovation is at the heart of everything we do and I am so excited that we can bring this beauty tech to life for you to shop and play this holiday.”