Virtual Experiences for the Commercial Real Estate Industry

Virtual tours enable real estate firms to reach potential buyers and empower them to make more informed decisions, shortening the real estate sales cycle and increasing occupancy rates. With 3D digital visualizations, buyers can virtually visit a site with interactive visualizations, even before construction is complete on the physical location. Obsess’ solution helps real estate firms increase project profitability and ROI for new developments, reducing the time a property stays vacant on the market. 

Similar to IRL walkthroughs of a property, 3D virtual listings bolster buyer confidence with photo-realistic visuals at every viewpoint. Traditionally, stakeholders — from investors to prospective tenants — have had to rely on blueprints, 2D renderings, and physical models to understand a property’s potential. Virtual reality technology changes this paradigm by allowing buyers to step into a virtual representation of the space. 

CRE Digital Twins: New Developments Tours

For new developments, a digital twin is invaluable as it means potential buyers are able to explore every facet of a building long before it’s constructed. Between 3D floor plans, rendered amenities and neighborhood visualizations, buyers can experience the digital twin from every viewpoint in lifelike detail. A digital twin enables prospective buyers to virtually tour the building in real time, at any time. 

CRE firms can proactively address factors that influence decision making such as building amenities and neighborhood information in a digestible, interactive and immersive format, enhancing the online listing of any new construction property. With a comprehensive 360 virtual tour, developers can offer potential tenants an experience that goes beyond mere descriptions and static images.

An immersive and interactive experience enhances understanding and accelerates buyer decision-making processes by providing a realistic preview of the end product and empowering buyers to visualize the space as their own before they step on-site. According to a case study with JLL, immersive digital experiences have proven to reduce real estate transaction times by up to 85% for built properties. Obsess created our immersive digital experience solution for new developments, as we believe these properties deserve the same advantage.   

Virtual Reality Proptech & VR Staging on Your Website

real estate custom interior design

One of the most significant advantages VR brings to CRE firms is its ability to offer potential buyers unparalleled visualization capabilities, virtually staging unfinished projects in contextual settings. Obsess virtual tours bring the power of virtual reality in commercial real estate straight to the web and mobile (no specialty devices or apps necessary), empowering firms to enhance virtual staging capabilities with 3D configurations and visualization tools.

Virtual stagings can showcase different design options, engaging potential clients on a deeper level and allowing them to envision themselves within the space. VR in proptech empowers the buyer to personalize the space before moving in—they are able to swap everything from decor to finishes with different configurations from photorealistic visualization tools in real estate. Interactive customizations also make it easier for CRE firms to upsell as buyers obtain a premium for curating their personal mix of flooring, finishes and more to be constructed. 

Obsess virtual tours enable brokerage and development firms in commercial and residential real estate to incorporate virtual reality into their digital sales strategy, increasing marketing reach for new construction projects. Firms are able to share immersive property listings with potential customers and investors via web URLs, or directly on their websites. Even before construction is complete, CRE firms are able to create comprehensive 360 virtual tours of the project. Digital twins uplift real estate buyer confidence and empower them to visualize a space as their own before they step on-site. 

To learn more about how Obsess virtual experiences can be used by the real estate industry to increase buyer confidence and elevate property listings, email us at or book a demo.



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