virtual sporting goods store filled with football equipment that shoppers can purchase directly in store

Virtual Stores for the Sporting Goods Industry

Obsess is enabling sports equipment brands and retailers to create immersive shopping experiences that provide comprehensive resources and information to educate customers about their products and the sport. With engaging videos, tutorials and expert advice, sporting goods brands are able to immerse their shoppers in their respective sport like a pro. 

Virtualize Your Sporting Goods Retail Store

Specialized Bicycle Components created a shoppable, virtualized retail version of their IRL Chicago store. The virtual store mirrors the Chicago location, but contains additional interactive features such as promotional videos, a community wall, special events calendar and more, for online shoppers to engage with anywhere in the world. 

Specialized bikes virtual store

From helmets and shoulder pads to gloves and cleats, virtual sporting goods stores carry a wide range of equipment for a diverse selection of sports at your fingertips. Virtual stores are able to connect with a multitude of retailers so sports brands’ customers can find their products on a variety of sites. Whether your shoppers are seasoned players or just starting out, they are able to find exactly what they need to enhance their performance. 

Engage Sporting Goods Consumers with a Personalized Experience

Brands and retailers are also able to embed interactive content that is engaging and empowers their consumers to determine what they need. Customers can put their skills to the test with a virtual branded game, get product recommendations fit for their goals with personalized quizzes, host events in sponsorship with professional athletes or host a live streaming event around major sporting events. Obsess virtual stores enable brands to bring professional athletes and various sports personalities into the experience to engage with fans in avatar format or through promotional campaign content. 

Virtual sporting goods stores are interactive experiences with a variety of content and features for sports enthusiasts to enjoy a one-stop-shop experience that combines shopping, learning and interactive fun. 

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