Virtual Store Spotlight

Virtual Store Spotlight: Orange Virtual Home

Where innovation meets inspiration, telecommunications brand Orange is redefining how users discover electronics and home technology with their virtual storefront. The telecom brand partnered with Obsess to launch their virtual store, an immersive shopping experience contextually set in a virtual Spanish home. 

Accessible in both Spanish and English, the Virtual Connected Home introduces shoppers to the latest Xiaomi products the telecommunications brand has to offer. Users are welcomed by a friendly AI-powered avatar to guide them through the experience and answer questions, acting as the onsite associate, and enhancing customer support in an online environment.

In each individual room of the smart house, shoppers are met with animated product displays to highlight featured electronics and home technology, and exclusive content hosted on the screens displayed. Shoppers can also get personalized product recommendations by completing a short quiz on their needs and lifestyle. 

Orange: Telecommunications on Apple Vision Pro

Immersive technologies are revolutionizing the future of customer experience with spatial computing for a variety of verticals, including telecommunications.

Rather than creating a visionOS app, Orange is enabling Apple Vision Pro users to access the virtual smart home with an Apple Vision Pro-optimized experience for Safari. Orange’s virtual storefront is WebXR accessible, enabling shoppers to further immerse themselves into the environment within a web browser on augmented reality and virtual reality devices such as Apple Vision Pro or Oculus Meta Quest. Within the spatial computer, users are able to step into the Virtual Connected Home, and navigate through the 360-degree space via arrows or the interactive map similarly to the desktop or mobile version.

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